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Dome-Loaded Regulator

PFC manufactures dome loaded regulators for high flow applications. Currently Cvs range from .5 to 26. These regulators may be manufactured for use in cold gas applications. Larger dome loaded regulators with Cvs up to 118 are also available.





11023 11054 9037
 Flow Coefficient  Cv = 26 min Cv = .55 to 5.0* Cv = 4.5
 Inlet Pressure 6000 psig max 6000 psig max 3600 psia
 Outlet Pressure 6000 psig max 6000 psig max 0 to 1000 psia
Fluid Media Inert gases including He, N2 and H2 Inert gases including He, N2 and H2 Gaseous Helium
 Operating Temp Min  -15ºF  -65ºF* -160ºF
Operating Temp Max +165ºF +400ºF* +180ºF

*Depending on options chosen. See Ordering Information on Model 11054 Data Sheet

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    • $0.00
    • Flow Coefficient
      Cv = .55, 2.2 or 5.0
    • Operating Temperatures
      -40°F to +275°F (with Buna-N seal), -15°F to +400°F (with Viton seal), or -65°F to +230°F (with EPR seal)
    • Seat Material
      PCTFE, Vespel SP1, Vespel SP21, or PEEK
    • Diaphragm Material
      Polyurethane 70 Durometer, Nitrile (Buna-N), or Fluorelastomer (Viton)
    • Inlet Pressure
      6000 psig max
    • Outlet Pressure
      6000 psig max
    • Fluid Media
      Inert gases
    • Weight
      27 lbs
  • Designed for reliable, accurate, extremely high flow applications, this dome loaded regulator offers rapid response time and is compatible with a wide range of gases.

    • $0.00
    • Flow Coefficient
      Cv = 26 min
    • Inlet Pressure
      6000 psig max
    • Inlet Pressure
      6000 psig max
    • Fluid Media
      Insert gases, including He, N2, H2
    • Operating Temperature
      -65ºF to +400ºF *depending on seal material
    • $0.00
    • Flow Coefficient
      Cv = 4.5 min
    • Inlet Pressure
      3600 psia
    • Outlet Setpoint
      350, 500 psia
    • Outlet Adjustment Range
      0 to 1000 psia
    • Fluid Media
      Gaseous Helium
    • Temperatures
      -160°F to +180°F
    • External Leakage
      Bubble tight
    • Internal Leakage
      10 SCCM max
    • Seals
      PCTFE, Ethylene Propylene
    • Line Regulation
      1.3 psi rise per 100 psi inlet decay
    • Weight
      8.3 lbs