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Butterfly Valves

PFC manufactures Butterfly Valves and the high pressure, spring return, pneumatic actuators which control them. Valve pressures range from 80 psi to 750 psi and may be customized for higher pressure applications. These valves are made for both ambient and cryogenic applications. Applications include system pre-valves and fill and drain valves. Sizes range from 2" through 4". The Butterfly Valve may be customized for larger sizes.

Specification Ranges 
 Flow Coefficient Specified by Customer
Design Pressure 80 psi Through 750 psi
 Size 2.0" Through 4.0"
Fluid Media Propellants for Fuel and Oxidizer
 Operating Temp Min  -420 ºF
Operating Temp Max +250 ºF

 PFC manufactures our own high pressure actuator for use with our ball valves and butterfly valves.