Engineered Products for Aerospace

Check Valves

Precision Fluid Controls has a wide variety of cyrogenic and ambient check valve designs to meet the most challenging applications. Our valves range in size from 1/4", 3000 psi miniature valves for flight or ground to 4", 6000 psi valves for ground testing applications. Valves are available in a variety of materials, soft goods and end connections. PFC check valves are excellent options for high flow applications requiring bubble tight shut off.

Specification Ranges 
 Flow Coefficient Dependent On Size and Per Customer Requirement
Design Pressure 150 psig To 6000 psig
Size 1/4" Through 4"
Fluid Media Inert gases including He, N2 and H2, Propellants for Fuel and Oxidizer
 Operating Temp Min  -420 ºF
Operating Temp Max +250 ºF