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Welcome to Precision Fluid Controls

Precision Fluid Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures and test components for launch vehicles and ground support applications—providing many types of valves including throttling valves, ball valves, check and relief valves, vent and relief valves, pressure reducing, both manual and dome loaded, regulators, sleeve valves, butterfly valves, solenoid valves plus many others.

Our customers include commercial launch vehicle companies such as Space Exploration Technologies, Virgin Galactic, United Launch Alliance and many others. Ground support customers include NASA facilities such as Stennis Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center and Kennedy Space Center. Air Force customers include Arnold Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base.

PFC is currently located in a 5000 square foot facility in Auburn, California. The company was founded by Tom Ritchart and Peggy Stevens in 2004. To control product quality and operating expenses, PFC machines the vast majority of all component parts in their machine shop using state of the art Mazak live tool lathes and Mazak mills. In support of the U.S. economy, PFC components which are not made in house are manufactured and sourced in the United States. 

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